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What's CodeGuard and how to use it

Keliweb gives you the possibility to add to your hosting plan CodeGuard, a backup service which avoids data loss and corruption and protects your website from viruses, malware and malicious attacks automatically.

CodeGuard provides you with daily backupsdiscovers and fixes threats and notifies you, by email, any time something changes within the source code of your website. All backups are encrypted, providing your website with a higher level of security.

With CodeGuard you can restore the whole website or single files at any time, access your website's reports in full autonomy and, using a dedicated plugin, keep your WordPress always updated.

Before backing up your website, you need the following informations, provided by our team as you sign up:

  1. Website URL
  2. Hostname/IP address
  3. SFTP/FTP username
  4. SFTP/FTP password
  5. Port number

Once you've gathered all informations, follow this simple procedure to start your backup:

  1. Log-in to your CodeGuard account and click "Add FTP/SFTP Website";
  2. Use the credentials you gathered earlier and enter them in the required fields;
  3. Then click "Test Website Connection";
  4. Click the checkbox next to the directory you'd like to be your root directory. We recommend you to choose the directory that contains all files you would like to back up.
  5. Click "Select Root Directory";
  6.  Select the content that you would like to back up. To select everything inside your root directory, simply click the checkbox next to your root directory; 
  7. Finally, click "Begin First Backup".

From now on, you will see a progress tracker that will indicate the status of your initial backup.

With CodeGuard you can also back up your databases easily and in full security.

To backup your database you need the following informations:

  1. Database Hostname or IP (domain name or your server's IP address)
  2. Database Name
  3. MySQL Username and Password
  4. MySQL Port Number (3306 by default)

Then, you can add your database to CodeGuard following a simple procedure:

  1. From your website dashboard click on the name of the website that you would like to associate with your database;
  2. Click on the "Add Database"
  3. Type the "Database Hostname or IP" for your database.
  4. Click the "Test connection"  button and CodeGuard will attempt to connect to the database. If the connection fails, you may need to whitelist the CodeGuard IP addresses to allow direct database connections. Alternatively, if you have SSH access to your website, you may be able to connect to the database that way.
  5. Add your credentials and click the "Next step" button to select your website database.
  6. Finally, select the database you would like to add and click "Add Databases" to begin backing up your database. If your MySQL user has access to multiple databases, you will see a full database list. You can select multiple databases on this screen to add them all at once. If your user does not have access to all databases that you need to be backed up,  you will need to repeat the entire process for each database. You can then watch the progress of the database backup on CodeGuard.
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